Welcome To OTB Algo

OTB-Algo is a leading expert on research and development of automated trading systems in the financial markets.

OTB Algo develops algorithmic trading systems for self-trading and in addition we provide trading systems to various brokers worldwide, and integrate solutions for different platforms and advanced designs customized specially for our partners.

OTB-Algo is a cutting-edge company that has made a name in the financial markets due to hard work and client satisfaction. Here at OTB-Algo we are always improving our technology and creating amazing software solutions for our clients.

OTB Algo team is based on innovation, team work and success. OTB-Algo have experienced and dedicated employees, all of them share our goal of providing top-notch services and only the best and unique software.

OTB-Algo services include a variety of trading systems: Affiliate network, White label robots, Algo trading robots and more for the financial markets.