Human Capital is the Fuel of Innovation
About OTB-Algo
We are a team of enthusiastic software developers, performance marketers and mathematicians with a passion for finding solutions to web-based challenges that organizations face every day. Our approach is to always think outside the box to find creative solutions that are backed up mathematically. While empirical data should never be overlooked, problems that can be validated by data and numbers are the first step to solving business challenges.

This is why we chose to call ourselves; OTB-Algo, or more precisely, Out of the Box Algorithms!
What Makes Us Special?
We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships and to add the maximum value we can. Through a process of discovery and understanding each clients’ business, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we work as a trusted partner to develop holistic solutions that deliver exceptional results. But what makes us special, are our people; the talented human capital who are the fuel of our innovation, that work relentlessly to find and develop cutting edge solutions that always exceed expectations.