Technology to Fit Your Needs

Every business is unique, with its own goals, methods, and culture, which is why when it comes to technological solutions, “One Size Does Not Fit All.”

The Internet has become an integral part of society, and businesses of all sizes are competing to win over new customers. In order to be competitive in the online space, you need the right technology to acquire more traffic, convert more visitors into customers, and retain them for longer. Having the right tools at your fingertips is no longer optional, but a necessity.

This is where OTB-Algo shines!

Some of our innovative solutions:
Tracking & Reporting – Keeping track of marketing campaign performance is at the core of marketing success. Our tracking technology allows you to keep tabs on every click, conversion, and more with precision. Plus, our reporting engine gives you the ability to drill down and understand exactly what is working and where to optimize.
Smartlinks – Our Smartlink technology optimizes your links in real-time to ensure that your audience sees the most relevant and targeted offers based on a range of criteria. This automated process drives up CTR and ultimately conversions for improved ROI.
Auto-Optimization – The days of manually optimizing campaigns are a thing of the past. Our AI-powered optimization technology further enhances your marketing efforts and improves efficiency. Our smart algorithms automatically matches and optimize online campaigns for publishers and advertisers in order or reach the highest EPC based on traffic source, geo location and more parameters.
APIs & Integration – If there are third-party tools you want to integrate with other technologies, our dev team can design, develop and implement according to your exact needs. the technology can easily integrate to any advertiser & publisher api in order to send and collect data in the most officiant way, allowing the customer to analyze important data and build automatic rules in order to optimize and monetize online traffic.
Fraud detection tools – Automatic system that alert and block fraudulent & abusing traffic sources.

If you are looking for a marketing solutions partner that has the ability to meet every challenge and is committed to service excellence, then OTB-Algo is the business partner for you.

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